$ € Cholecystectomy







For Patients with German Health Insurance (General or private): Costs are fully covered with no additional costs.

Foreign Patients
Flat rate fee of  Euro 4200.- includes:

Hospital stay in a 3 patient room or single patient room, if available (we try to make it possible).
All preoperative examinations, including endoscopic diagnostics and treatment of common bile duct stones, if necessary.
Surgery at highest standard by one experienced, board certified surgeon (Yes, we do quality management and control).
Postoperative care and examinations
Daily twice doctors visit, at least once by me, who operated on you, English speaking staff.
If you wish to stay or return to Munich, out-patient care (removal of the stiches e.t.c.).

No additional costs, we don`t accept credit cards,  traveller cheques are accepted


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